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Sunday, March 12, 2006

How Ya Like Me Now? Maika'i

It occurs to me the word hapabukbuk may be lost on some people. Many people, since I kind of made it up from derogatory Hawaiian (Pidgin) words. You may be thinking, why would an intelligent woman such as yourself want to describe herself using such terms? My reply would be, I just like the way it sounds. For some that may be an unsatisfactory answer, for others on my wave length, it's funny.

  • hapa

  • In the Hawaiian language and in Hawaiian Pidgin, a hapa is an individual of mixed racial or ethnic heritage. Used without qualification, it is often taken to mean "part white", and is short hand for hapa haole. In the Hawaiian language, the word "hapa" can also simply mean half, part, or fragment. It is a loan from the English word half.

  • buk buk

  • (book book)
    Definition: slang term used to describe an individual of Filipino descent
    Used In A Sentence: Albert stay one buk buk or wot?
    In English: Do you know whether or not Albert is Filipino?


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